Iraqi CP, Iraqi Communist Party Calls for Ending Repression and Releasing Detainees

10/8/19, 3:16 PM
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Peaceful demonstrators in Baghdad and other provinces have been facing widespread assaults and repression, including the use of live and rubber bullets, severe beatings, the use of tear gas and hot water cannons, pursuit, mass arrests and forcibly extracting pledges not to take part in protests.

According to the Iraqi “Independent High Commission for Human Rights” (on 5 October 2019), 93 people were killed, 3978 wounded and 567 detained throughout Iraq.

Among the martyrs and detainees were members and supporters of the Iraqi Communist Party, including:

1-    Mohammed Ibrahim al-Wa’ily (Martyr).

2-    Murtadha Abdul-Aziz (Martyr).

3-    Mustafa (Martyr).

4-    Ali Ammar (Martyr).

5-    Ahmed al-Mousawi .. novelist and writer.

6-    Ali al-Khatib .. youth activist.

7-    Ali Rahman al-Gar’awi .. lawyer.

8-    Mustafa al-Isawi .. activist in the protest movement.

9-    Makki al-Shammari .. trade union activist.

10- Amir al-Khateeb.

11- Haider al-Sunbuli .. head of Centre for Cancer Diseases.

12- Murtaja Thabit .. lawyer.

13- Ali Karrar al-Janabi .. lawyer.

14- Azhar al-Khafaji

15- Ahmed al-Hajami

16- Saif al-Mayahi .. lawyer.

17- Saad Jassim .. trade unionist in Missan province.

18- Ahmed Hussein (injured).

19- Ali Abbas (injured).

20- Hussein Nahedh .. activist in protest movement (injured).

21- Ahmed Naji .. activist in protest movement (injured).

We call on the United Nations, human rights organizations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to press the Iraqi authorities to stop the repression of demonstrators, to end the use of violence against them, stop chasing the protesters and release the detainees immediately.

Central Media Committee

Iraqi Communist Party

5 October 2019