Joint Statement on Syria

6/18/19 8:21 AM
  • Joint Statement Working Group En Asia

For the past eight years, the people of Syria have defended their motherland, decisively and heroically. They have manifested a remarkable and honourable resistance, that hasn’t ceased for one moment in these years, despite the unmeasurable suffering they have been dragged into. It has already had its place in the great history of humanity. 

As the following communist and workers’ parties, we denounce in the strongest way possible the imperialist intervention of US and its allies, that has created one of the greatest tragedies of the 21st century. We have no doubt that those who have forced people to live this tragedy for the interests of the big capital, for the profit of the exploiters, they will be accounted for their outrageous barbaric crimes before history. We have no doubt that the enemies of the people will get their dirty, filthy hands out of Syria. 

We express our deep and unconditional solidarity with the working people of Syria, and their vanguard communist parties. In support with Syrian people, we appeal for a solidarity mission in Damascus. 

We demand the end of imperialist aggression and we fully respect the independence, full sovereignty and the integrity of the national territory of Syria. We emphasize once again that the decision regarding the future of Syria belongs only to peoples of Syria.


Hands off Syria!

Long live the internationalist solidarity! 


SolidNet Parties

  1. PADS, Algeria
  2. Communist Party of Australia
  3. Party of Labour of Austria
  4. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  5. Communist Party of Belgium
  6. Communist Party of Brazil
  7. New Communist Party of Britain
  8. Communist Party of Britain
  9. Communist Party of Canada
  10. Communist Party of Chile
  11. Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
  12. AKEL
  13. Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia
  14. Communist Party in Denmark
  15. German Communist Party
  16. Communist Party of Greece
  17. Hungarian Workers’ Party
  18. Tudeh Party of Iran
  19. Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
  20. Communist Party of Ireland
  21. Workers Party of Ireland
  22. Communist Party of Israel
  23. Communist Party (Italy)
  24. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  25. Jordanian Communist Party
  26. Lebanese Communist Party
  27. Communist Party of Luxembourg
  28. Communist Party of Malta
  29. New Communist Party of the Netherlands
  30. Communist Party of Pakistan
  31. Palestinian Communist Party
  32. Palestinian Peoples Party
  33. Philippine Communist Party [PKP 1930]
  34. Portuguese Communist Party
  35. Romanian Socialist Party
  36. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  37. Union of Communist Parties-CPSU
  38. Communists of Serbia
  39. Communist Party of the Workers of Spain
  40. Communist Party of the People of Spain
  41. Communists of Catalonia
  42. Communist Party of Sri Lanka
  43. Syrian Communist Party
  44. Syrian Communist Party (Unified)
  45. Communist Party of Turkey
  46. Communist Party of Ukraine 
  47. Communist Party USA

Other Parties 

  1. Pole of Communist Revival in France

  2. New Communist Party of Aotearoa
  3. Party of Communists USA

The statement is open for further endorsements