NCP of the Netherlands, Common declaration on the catastrophic floods

7/19/21 3:26 PM
  • Germany, German Communist Party Luxembourg, Communist Party of Luxembourg Netherlands, New Communist Party of the Netherlands En Europe Communist and workers' parties

The catastrophic floods in western Europe have lead to the tragic loss of many human lives. Our hearts go out the victims of the floods and their families. Thousands of families are faced with the destruction of their homes or severe damage. 

We express our solidarity with all the people that are affected by the floods. We demand from the governments to ensure that all damage due to the floods is fully compensated. 

The floods show the necessity to strengthen flood prevention. This becomes more urgent as the risk of floods increases due to climate change, which affects (amongst other things) the intensity and quantity of rainfall in the region. All the potential of contemporary science, flood prevention methods and spatial planning must be employed to protect the lives of the people, to ensure that such tragedies do not occur.


German Communist Party

Communist Party of Luxembourg

New Communist Party of the Netherlands