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7/18/19 2:19 PM
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17 July 2019

- The last few days have witnessed various meetings between the forces of the Alliance For Freedom And Change with the aim of unifying the stance of the Alliance as a representative of the whole genuine opposition parties and groups fighting for the realization of the main goals of the December uprising in overthrowing the regime, dismantling it and finally liquidating it.

- This aim becomes the more important today since the Transitional Military Council (TMC) is continuing its crimes against the Sudanese peaceful protesters, as what took place in Alsouky town. The cowardly killing of protesters by the Rapid Support forces is endangering the peace and stability of the country.

- With the different components of the Alliance drafting, agreeing and implementing a programme for mass mobilization, the streets of the capital and the main cities were occupied, and mass protest actions by tens of thousands demanded justice for the hundreds of martyrs killed by the Rapid Support forces, security and militias since the beginning of the uprising. The thousands of protesters supported the Alliance’s declared position to bring all culprits to justice.

- This stance of refusing to grant protection from persecution to members of the TMC if found guilty, caused the postponement of the talks between the two sides.

- The Alliance is in talks with the other armed groups in Addis Abba to agree on steps leading to peace in the areas of military conflict and the participation of these groups in drawing up the map for the future Sudan. These talks come after the meeting which took place between the Alliance and Alhilue in Juba, the capital of the republic of South Sudan.

- The two meetings, which were successfully concluded, represented a considerable step in bringing all the forces of the opposition on board.

- It is worth mentioning that ideas and plans to meet the EU representation in Khartoum, the Troika, and important members of the international community are underway. It is expected that the representative of the UN Secretary General will visit Sudan soon, where he will meet with the Alliance, to convey the support of the UN to the Sudanese people in their strides towards civil rule and democratic development.

- It is important at this juncture to reaffirm the unity of the forces of the opposition especially on the leadership level, the continuation of the struggle of the masses to defend and wrench their rights, coupled with building a solid international support from all political forces, international and regional organizations, as well as governments to help and assist the Sudanese masses achieve their just goals in Freedom, Peace and Justice. These goals can only be achieved through the establishment of a civilian regime as enshrined in the Declaration of the Forces of Freedom and Change.

Fathi Alfadl

Secretary of Information

Sudanese CP