Sudanese CP, Statement to the Masses of our Sudanese People

11/1/21, 3:59 PM
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29 October 2021

The Security Committee, led by its head, carried out a military coup on 25 October 2021 as a link in a series of military coups that began with the palace coup on 11 April 2019. The aim is the same, which is to block the path to the continuation of the mass movement to achieve the goals and slogans of the glorious December Revolution.

- The attempts of the Security Committee and political forces from the remnants of the regime and some armed movements to raise the slogan of the Revolution, in freedom, peace and justice, do not deceive anyone, and a lie has no legs. What happened on 25th October is a miserable attempt to impose and implement the plan of the enemies of the revolution aimed at completely aborting the December Revolution and expanding the social base of a regime that adopts and implements the “Soft Landing” project.

-  The implementation of the coup on 25th October was preceded by the introduction of continuous amendments to the Constitutional Document, as its most important provisions were totally violated and torn up with the amendments proposed by the statement of the coup, the flawed Juba Agreement, and the establishment of the Council of Partners which paved the way for the onslaught on the revolution.

-  We, in the Communist Party, condemn the 25th October coup and the resulting arrests of civilians, usurping of political and democratic rights, and firing live bullets at the masses in their peaceful marches. We also condemn the declaration of a state of emergency and demand the release of the Prime Minister and all political detainees who were arrested after the coup, the abolition of all decisions and putting the coup plotters on trial. This coup paves the way for a sharp right-wing turn at the top of authority and contributes to reproducing the extremist dark regime and returning us to the era of "Ghost Houses” (secret detention and torture centres) and the elimination of democracy and basic rights.

-  Our people and their patriotic and democratic forces have achieved many victories, and with their awareness and courage they defeated their enemies and protected their Revolution during the past two years. The epics of the mass demonstrations numbering in the millions on 30 June 2019 and 21 October 2021 were the most prominent features of the daring resistance of our people in the face of the enemies of the Revolution.

- Based on the experiences of our people and their record of struggle, we in the Communist Party are working with all the relevant forces to form the broadest front to resist and defeat the coup. In this context, we call upon the Resistance Committees, the Management Committees, the Demands Committees, all mass organizations, the Professionals Association and the civil forces to come together in defence of the revolution, defeat the coup and continue on the path of radical change to achieve the goals of the December Revolution.

- The response to the coup, and to the attempts now underway to form a civilian government under the tutelage of the Security Committee and its allies, is through building and establishing a militant and persevering unity to bring the Revolution to its goals of freedom, peace and justice.

-  This is done with unity, mobilization, organisation and support for a revolutionary programme that requires the implementation of an economic policy aimed at solving the economic hardship by rejecting the dictates of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and transferring the companies controlled by the armed forces to the Ministry of Finance. It also requires speeding up the removal of the remnants of the former regime, dissolving all militias, restructuring the armed forces, building a comprehensive popular peace as an alternative to the quotas of the Juba Agreement, achieving justice and retribution for all the Revolution’s martyrs and handing over the deposed dictator to the International Criminal Court. In addition, a foreign policy must be adopted that expresses the goals of the December Revolution, puts the country’s interest in the forefront and protects national sovereignty, and brings Sudan out of the military, regional and global axes.

- The Communist Party appreciates the positions of peoples, Communist and progressive parties, governments and regional and international organizations, in condemning the coup and supporting the desires and aspirations of the masses of our people.

- To achieve these goals, the Communist Party emphasizes the importance of escalating mass activity in various forms, including peaceful processions, statements, protest strikes and vigils, and besieging the coup at home and abroad through the continuation of the widespread and persistent popular movement, and sharpening and using the weapons of the masses in the general political strike and civil disobedience.

The processions on 30th October 2021 are the processions of the masses rising up to defeat the coup and establish a full democratic civil authority in the country.

Secretariat of the Central Committee

Sudanese Communist Party

29 October 2021